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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take You To Build A Website?

We do this all day long and are pretty good at getting these sites out fast. We aim to deliver a website to you within 30 days of you sending us all the images and content we need to build your website. The faster you can get that to us, the faster we can get your website to you.

How Does The Process Work?

You’ll fill out a form where you’ll pick a theme and send us the content for the website. When we receive the website request, we’ll get started on the website right away. We’ll stage the website up on a subdomain for approval and when it’s approved, we’ll setup the website on it’s own domain. After it’s moved to it’s new domain, we’ll optimize the site to make sure it runs well and loads fast. It’s that easy!

What Is A Branding Site?

A branding website is basically a site the provides information about a business. It may include information in the form of a home page, about us page, contact page, products page, services page, offer page, menu, or other information. It doesn’t include other more robust functionality.

Are Your Websites Responsive?

YES! We use beautiful premium responsive themes for our sites and customize them for your business. They work on the full range of screen sizes.

Will You Build Them On Our Hosting?

These packages are only for sites that we host. This allows us to manage the site efficiently and be able to offer our competitive pricing.

Are These Sites Built On WordPress Only?

Yes, we build all of the sites on WordPress only. Over one third of all websites run on WordPress, meaning there is an enormous body of collective knowledge, tutorials and expert programmers who work on WordPress. It’s been stable for over a decade. There’s a reason so many website owners choose WordPress.

Do I Get Admin Access?

No, we do not provide access to the back end of your website. Part of the monthly maintenance fee includes us making up to an hour of content changes or additions to your website. We do it this way to keep your websites compliant with Accessibility standards. If we were to give you editor access, our prices would be significantly higher to cover the cost of checking all the changes and converting them into Web Accessible content. If you need more than an hour’s work on your website in any month, we’ll let you know beforehand, then you can pay a very reasonable hourly rate to cover our costs.

Will I Have CPanel Access?

You won’t need it. If you need any changes, just let us know and we’ll take care of it for you!

How Big Can A Website Be?

We’ve built one page websites, 50,000 page websites and everything in-between. Talk to us about what your business needs.

Are There Any Content Restrictions?

There are a few content restrictions. We don’t allow any sites for illegal activities, in the sex industry, or anything that may be perceived as a scam or ponzi scheme.

What Happens If I Cancel?

Like all hosting, if you cancel you will lose the websites we’ve built for you. We do not shut your websites down right away and allow a grace period in case there’s a simply payment issue.

Can I Still Use My Own Email?

Yes, you maintain your own email for these sites and we do not manage emails. The reason why you do not want to change who manages your email is because you would then lose all of your old emails.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

No, we really will build, host, manage, and update your site for one low monthly fee.

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